Young cheerful people enjoying on summer meadow


Summer Lineup


Sandy beach with unidentifiable walkers in the morning along Pacific coastline with sea stacks at Ecola Beach State Park, Cannon Beach, Oregon, USA

Oregon's Best Beaches

The weather’s heating up so grab your suit and head to the beach! Our deep dive into the best of the coast from Astoria to Brookings.

20 Best Wines to Buy in Portland

Rose` Time!

The sun's out, so think pink: We take you through some of the best local rose`s  for your summer season!

Where You Can Get Houstons Best BBQ as Takeout

Local Barbecue 

Texas barbecue, Chinese barbecue, Thai barbecue, southern barbecue, vegan barbecue- Portland's got it all! 

Pretty student studying outside on campus at the university

Summer Reads

Original prose and verses from some of the city’s most exciting authors and poets

Show Your Pride By Donating to These 5 Houston-area LGBTQ+ Organizations This June

Pride Guide

Pride is back! This package will celebrate the events, the people, the history, and the future of the long-running festival


Special Ad Section
Faces of Portland

Behind every successful local business, hard-working professionals are giving their all to change their field and the city for the better. The people profiled in this section are the game changers and industry shapers - the Faces of Portland.

Special Advertising Section

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Close: 4/15/22  |   Materials: 4/22/22   |    On Sale: 6/7/22

In every issue:

  • Dispatch: This award-winning front-of-book section brings must-read news and analysis of the city’s vital issues.
  • Show & Tell: Showcasing the best of Portland living and travel, along with the tastemakers and craftspeople that make our city special.
  • Design: This department is dedicated to beautiful homes and spaces, talented designers, and big brain ideas.
  • Eat & Drink: Portland is a food town, and the pandemic can’t stop that. Our guide to the must-eat food and essential drinks right now.
  • Culture: A guided tour through the vibrant Portland arts scene: pop culture, film, music, theatre, dance, and everything in between.
  • Be Well: From wellness to health news, the products, people and advancements that are keeping Portlanders healthy.

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